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My approach combines natural movement and herbal support to create physical and emotional resiliency. These modalities are based on ancient practices that our bodies and minds evolved to experience- aka ancestral strategies- that help us rewild.

 My work aims to increase adaptability and mitigate the stresses and obstacles often found in daily life, including those times of hardship or change. These tools help to boost performance, aid in recovery, build immunity, and enable peace of mind to allow you to thrive through your life's circumstances with the resiliency that nature intended!

I'll work with you to:

increase adaptability

quicken recovery

boost immunity

build strength

restore mobility

support peace of mind

uplift the spirit

mitigate stress

overcome challenges

create resiliency


I believe that to become more resilient, we have to rewild.


Why do I think that?

We humans evolved using plants to heal and maintain our health. Our ancestors sustained strength and mobility naturally with consistent movement across the landscape.

 Life immersed in nature inherently maintained our health!


Most of our lifestyles are radically different now. Stress, sitting, driving, artificial lighting, pollutants, and technology surround us. So how do we thrive in this stressed out, overstimulated, undermoved, unhealthy civilized world? 

My strategy is simple: we bring back the elements of nature.

This is what I call rewilding!

We can rewild ourselves by bringing aspects of the wild back into our homes, our lifestyles.

Wildness can be found in our movement, food, medicines, and much more.

Rewilding (re-wild-ing) = to become more wild

What we're exposed to shapes us- our environments, our habits, our diets, our lifestyles. The good news is: we can control much of what we expose ourselves to!
We can work more closely with nature
through the habits and lifestyles we choose.

When we bring our lives more in tune with nature, we bring ourselves back into balance!

When we live the elements of a more primal lifestyle, we engage our biology.

When we reconnect with nature, we regain strength and vitality we were meant to have. 

Some examples:

-getting natural sunlight

-rising and going to bed with the sun

-eating organic, locally grown food

-using herbs whenever possible instead of medication

-spending lots of time outdoors

-getting lots of diverse movement

-going barefoot as much as possible

-and much much more!

Sound overwhelming? Need help knowing where to start?
You've come to the right place- I've got your back!

You deserve to feel your best in your daily life.
And I'm here to support you along the way.

Let's help you reclaim your wild health today!

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