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Hi! I'm Diana. I'm a MovNat Level 3 Trainer, Nutritious Movement Certified Restorative Exercise Specialist, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, and a clinical herbalist. I'm obsessed with creating resiliency through health and lifestyle practices that unlock our potential to fully thrive in this crazy modern world humans created. With a degree in Anthropology, I'm fascinated by the effects of civilization and domestication on our health and happiness, and I see a dire need for solutions to the impacts caused by this disconnect from nature. Because of this, my approach to health is through the lens of rewilding- the goal of creating a lifestyle that's more in tune with nature and aligned with our ancestral biology for the sake of better health, freedom, and wellbeing. My goal is to empower people to connect with their inner resilience by integrating nature's elements into their lives and developing lifestyles that strengthen, restore, and ultimately rewild their whole being.

I've always felt a certain wildness within me. I was raised on an organic farm in Northern California and got to spend my childhood running around the barefoot or playing in the herb garden with my amazing herbalist mom. I'm proud to be a second generation herbalist and wilderness lover, a quality which I'm sure started with family backpacking trips each summer in the Trinity Mountains and Sierra Nevadas. These formational experiences set me on a path towards rewilding and resiliency before I was consciously aware of it. I'm grateful for and only more inspired by my roots to pursue further health and freedom through my work. When I'm not teaching natural movement or making herbal blends, I can be found in my garden hiking with my dogs!

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My work combines two ancient practices -natural movement and herbalism- with the use of certain modern tools to reconnect with nature and create an integrated approach for thriving in our daily lives. It's my belief that utilizing strategies rooted in wildness will create the best results, whether a person's main environment is urban or they're outdoors as much as possible. That's why my herbal formulas are always sourced from organic and genetically-wild plants, and my fitness approach is based on practical and evolutionary skills necessary for thriving in the wilderness. The practices I teach are both grounded in nature AND based on individual needs, creating a customized approach to rewilding your daily life that will allow you to reclaim your wild health.



Nutritious Movement CertifiedRestorative Exercise Specialis

Restorative Exercise, certified through Nutritious Movement, promotes "movement nutrition" to improve alignment and restore function to underused or overworked parts of our bodies with corrective exercises based on how humans evolved.



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MovNat is a fitness approach and movement system emphasizing competency in real world situations and natural environments. MovNat trains people of all ages in jumping, crawling, climbing, lifting, carrying, combat, swimming, rescue, and more.


Hawthorn Wellness Center Ashland Oregon

A 325-hour clinical training program emphasizing mind-body medicine, custom formulation, bioregional herbalism, and Ayurveda through the Hawthorn Wellness Center, following a 425-hour Foundations program through the Hawthorn Institute.


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